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Dear friend,

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with two different people. The first person was Emily and the second James…

They were both around the same age. They were both in similar situations. They both had the same desire to learn Spanish and the same level of intelligence. And, they were both motivated to become successful in learning Spanish so they could secure their future, and provide a happy life for them and their families.

My conversation with Emily was somewhat casual...

We spoke about her level and knowledge of Spanish and what she had done in the past to learn the language. I was surprised when Emily told me that she had taken Spanish for 4 years in high school and 4 years in college! Plus an introductory course her school gave her in 8th grade.

After taking Spanish in a class setting for 8 years, you would think Emily is completely fluent in Spanish…

BUT, she is not! She said she never felt completely fluent. She even remembers one time she tried to speak to her bilingual grandma in Spanish and she had no clue what Emily was trying to say.

James’ story is a little bit different… He also took classes in high school, but he was now trying to learn on his own. He contacted me because he had been watching my YouTube video lessons, but he didn’t feel that was enough. He wanted a more structured way of learning Spanish FAST but did not know where to start.

That’s how I came up with the very FIRST immersion program. I developed a course for James in which he could immerse himself in Spanish in listening, reading, writing, thinking and even dreaming in Spanish...

AND he was successful!

After just a couple weeks with the program, he felt comfortable speaking Spanish to family, friends, co-workers and even customers…

We saw his success in just a couple of weeks compared to his and Emily’s years of Spanish classes in school…

This is because, in a school setting, you do not learn Spanish that will be useful in the real world. You learn grammar, vocabulary, and short conversations that only allow you to introduce yourself and maybe have a 1-minute conversation.


The reason why James was successful…

Is because he was able to use the phrases he learned with Spanish speakers which lead to him feeling more comfortable to start conversations!

Both Emily and James enjoyed their learning experiences. But Emily felt as if all those years of studying did not pay off… James, on the other hand, felt that he had learned more Spanish within a couple of weeks than what he had learned in his school years.

James knew that being bilingual would mean earning more at his current job, and he would have the satisfaction of helping Spanish speaking customers…


What Made The Difference?

It’s a new course I created that helps you learn Spanish without moving to a new country… and that will help you immerse yourself in the language and learn more quickly.

The course is called the Spanish Immersion Course and it gives Spanish learners an almost “unfair” learning advantage over any other courses out there.


Here’s What You Need To Know…

There are thousands of courses that promise to help you learn Spanish quickly. The problem is these courses are not developed for your specific needs.

Some of these courses can help you increase your vocabulary. Others can be a complete waste of your time. And until recently, the only way to know which ones are the best… and which are not… was to just to put yourself out there, try as many courses as you can, and find out what works for yourself.


It Can Be A Slow And Lengthy Process That Could Take You Weeks, Months, EVEN Years

But now, thanks to the Spanish Immersion Course, you’ll be told exactly what to do and how to learn phrases quickly.

What’s more, you’ll expand your vocabulary with REAL WORLD phrases that will be very useful when first meeting someone. And if you learn these phrases… You’ll take relationships to the next level…


You Can Learn Quickly, Live A Life With More Financial Freedom, Less Stress, And More Security

For example, did you know that being bilingual, you can get paid 5-20% more per hour (look it up on Google) Certain companies will pay you more if you are bilingual in Spanish and you use your skills to help Spanish speaking customers.  

This bump in your pay could help you pay off bills, get out of debt, and live a life with more financial freedom, less stress, and more comfort and security.

Very few Spanish learners know this. But I do… and so do students of the Spanish Immersion Course. In my experience, I have been hired for jobs, not only for my skills and qualifications but for my ability to help customers in both English and Spanish. I have always been looked at as “two people doing two different jobs” which has helped with earning extra dollars every month. And now…


I’d Like To Invite You To Come Join Us

When you become a student of the Spanish Immersion Course today, you’ll always know exactly what you need to do each week to be effective in learning Spanish and see results FAST.

Just imagine: there will be no feelings of frustration on your part – no feelings of “I’m not learning enough or quickly with this”.

Everything you need will be given to you immediately in the members area.

Having this kind of information at your disposal each week gives you the opportunity to make new connections, speak with Spanish speaking family and friends, and grow your income. It gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish in 8 weeks (or at your own pace) and the security of knowing that you’re investing your time wisely.

The truth is: this information is critical to your Spanish journey success… and to your future as a Spanish speaker.  That’s why I want to do everything in my power to motivate you to say YES to this invitation right now.


Here’s What You Get When You Accept This Invitation…

Firstly, when you join the Spanish Immersion Course, you will immediately be granted access to the members area. This means – YOU WILL HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS – You are getting a total of 200 phrases to help you hold a conversation with Spanish natives. The course is split into 4 phases, each phase contains 4 streaming video lessons, 4 cheat sheets, 4 Spanish while sleeping streaming video lessons, 4 workbooks in Spanish and 4 workbooks in English, and a checklist and structure of the course... But you can complete it at your own pace, and move on to the next phase when you are ready.


Inside This Email, You Will Discover A Once-In-A-Life Opportunity

What’s more, not only will you discover the best way to learn a new language… but… you will also be given the tools inside the Spanish Immersion Course to be successful.

This means you won’t have to do any digging, searching around, or investigative work to find the correct phrases to learn. Everything will be handed to you “on a silver platter” so you don’t have to do any work whatsoever… except… Learn how to pronounce, read, and write the phrases...

This course is normally $900. But don’t you worry. You’re not going to invest anywhere near that amount to join today. I’ll tell you more about this in just a moment.

But for now, I’d like you to also know that when you sign up today…


You Will Receive 3 Valuable Bonus Gifts…

Bonus Gift #1 – An additional 2-week phase with 50 phrases

When you sign up today, you will receive an additional 50 phrases…

In this phase, you will learn more personal questions and small talk for work. You will receive a streaming video lesson, a Spanish while sleeping streaming video, a cheat sheet in Spanish and English, a Spanish workbook to translate phrases into English, and an English workbook to translate phrases into Spanish.

The Spanish Immersion Course quite literally takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to begin your Spanish learning journey, with a BANG. Everything in this course is simple, clear-cut, and easy to understand.

The course alone is worth $900 and there are 4 phases. So it would be safe to say this bonus alone is worth at least $225 (some people would argue that it’s worth a whole lot more when you consider the possibilities and doors it can open) but you get it 100% free when you get your Spanish Immersion Course right now.

Bonus Gift #2 – Downloadable MP3 Files

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. You see, when I first started learning English, I cracked the code on how to learn a second language quickly. In fact, I was completely bilingual in English and Spanish within my first year of studying and practicing English daily.

And as I looked back on what I did to become fluent in English, I realized that I didn’t do anything “revolutionary”. Instead, I just applied some common-sense learning alternatives that really made a powerful difference to my learning journey.

These lessons can be easily learned and implemented by anybody. So what I’ve done here is taken all my knowledge on how to learn a new language quickly and effectively… and… created an 8-week Immersion Course that you can follow.

These MP3 files on their own are easily worth at least $150. But in all honesty, I could probably sell it for $500. After all, what’s a couple of hundred dollars when compared to the kind of money, new business connections and different experiences learning Spanish can make you?

The good news is: you’re not going to pay $500 for these MP3 files. You’re not even going to pay $150 for them. Instead, you’re going to get them 100% free when you get your Spanish Immersion Course.

Bonus Gift #3 – 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid Streaming video!

If you are an especially motivated person… and… you want to take your Spanish to the next level… then… You will want to watch this video.

In this video, you will learn common mistakes that Spanish learners make.  

You can discover how to avoid some pretty embarrassing moments – it’s valued at $50. But it’s yours 100% free when you get your Spanish Immersion Course right now.

That’s $425 Worth Of Free Gifts And Value

But like I said, you won’t have to invest anywhere near that kind of money to get started with this course today.  

In fact, the full course is just $247 – and not a penny more. That’s just $20.58 a month… $4.75 a week… or a tiny 68-cents per day.

It’s for nothing.

What’s more, please understand: this is a one-time investment. There are no hidden fees… no monthly payments… and… no additional costs of any kind. This tiny one-time fee gives you lifetime access to the Spanish Immersion Course.  

And when you consider the “edge” this Spanish course (and the bonuses) will give you over other courses out there, you’ll agree that you simply cannot afford to decline this invitation – not for that kind of money.


Plus, just in case you are wondering, you are completely covered by my full…

100% Money Back Guarantee

There’s no risk to try the Spanish Immersion Course, for 60-days. You must be absolutely thrilled with how much you are learning as a result of getting this course...

Otherwise, simply email me at heydy@realworldspanishlessons.com… and… I will immediately refund you every last penny of your investment – no questions asked.

This means you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this offer right now.

So don’t delay any longer. All you have to do to get the Spanish Immersion Program is click the link below…

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When you do, all you have to do is fill out the quick and secure order form and within minutes after your purchase, you will receive an email with your login information to the members area.


A Genuine Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

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So don’t miss out. I created this course with one mission in mind – to help Spanish learners become fluent in the least amount of time.

So sign up right now. Don’t lose out. Don’t be one of those people who lets a good opportunity pass you by, only to wonder “what could have been” later on. The truth is: this Immersion Course is worth a fortune to the people who are smart enough to see how valuable it really is.

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To Your Success,


Heydy, Founder of Real World Spanish Lessons


P.S. Remember: when you accept this invitation right now, not only do you get the full Spanish Immersion Course… but… you also receive three INCREDIBLY VALUABLE bonuses absolutely free. These bonuses alone are worth more than the actual investment required to get the Spanish Immersion Course.


P.P.S. Don’t forget: you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this invitation right now. After all, you are completely covered by my 100% no-risk-60-day-money-back-guarantee. This means if you are not THRILLED with how much you are learning, all you have to do is let me know and you’ll get your investment back – no questions asked.

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